Using the LIMES Server

LIMES can be run as a HTTP Server, implementing a RESTful API and serving a browser frontend by default. Configuration files are accepted via POST multipart/form-data uploads. Each configuration file gets assigned a unique job_id. Given this job id, the user can query the server for the status of the job, its logs, a list of result files and the contents of these result files.


The following RESTful operations are currently implemented:

  • submit/ (POST) --- used to upload configuration files as multipart/form-data POST messages and returns the assigned job_id in a JSON object. Accepts XML Configuration file (See example below)
  • status/:id (GET) --- returns the status (a numerical code) for a given job in a JSON object. The following statuses are currently implemented:
    • -1 (Unknown) - a configuration file for the given job_id has not been found on the server
    • 0 (Scheduled) - the configuration file is present and the job is waiting for execution
    • 1 (Running) - the job is currently running
    • 2 (Finished) - the job is finished and its output files are ready for delivery
  • logs/:id (GET) --- returns the java logs for the given job. Useful for troubleshooting.
  • results/:id (GET) --- returns a list of result files in a JSON object.
  • result/:id/:filename (GET) --- returns the contents of a given result file for a given job id.


// Get latest LIMES, dev branch
$ git clone && cd LIMES && git checkout dev 
// Assembly
$ mvn clean package shade:shade -Dmaven.test.skip=true
$ cd limes-core/target
// Run LIMES as HTTP server on port 8080
// You can also run it on port 80 for example by adding -p 80 flag
$ java -jar limes-core-LATEST_RELEASE_VERSION_NUMBER.jar -s
// Get output
15:05:46.078 [main] INFO  org.aksw.limes.core.controller.SimpleServer:44 - Attempting to start LIMES server at port 8080...
15:05:46.088 [main] INFO  org.aksw.limes.core.controller.SimpleServer:56 - Server has been started! Waiting for requests...
// Open new terminal
$ cd PATH_TO_LIMES/LIMES/limes-core/target
// Download example XML mapping
$ wget
// Run mapping against endpoint and get job id
$ curl -F config_file=@lgd-lgd-optional-properties.xml  http://localhost:8080/submit
// Observe the status
$ curl http://localhost:8080/status/7538819321022935531
{"status":{"code":2,"description":"Request has been processed"},"success":true}
// Get result file list
$ curl http://localhost:8080/results/7538819321022935531
// Get result
$ curl http://localhost:8080/result/7538819321022935531/lgd_relaybox_verynear.nt
<>    <>    1.0
<>    <>    0.9283311463354712
<>    <>    1.0
// Inspect the logs
$ curl http://localhost:8080/logs/7538819321022935531
2018-06-20T12:08:09,027 [ForkJoinPool.commonPool-worker-2] INFO 111 - Checking for file [...]

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