Using the LIMES Server

LIMES can be run as a HTTP Server, accepting configuration files via POST multipart/form-data uploads. Each configuration file gets assigned a unique job_id, which is also the return message from the server. Once the server finished executing the given job, its results can also be obtained through HTTP.


The following HTTP endpoints are currently implemented:

  • ./execute/ (POST) --- used to upload configuration files as multipart/form-data POST messages and returns the assigned job_id.
    Accepts XML Configuration file (See example below)
  • ./get_result/?job_id=$job_id&result_type=$result_type (GET) --- used to obtain the resulting mapping files (i.e. links) for the configuration with job_id of $job_id. Query Parameters in Detail
    • $job_id is an identifier returned from the ./execute endpoint after submitting a job.
    • $result_type specifies which output file from the configuration should be returned. Possible values: acceptance or review
      Background: A configuration file in LIMES allows to specify two output files for two levels of confidence: Acceptance and Review
  • ./get_status/?job_id=$job_id (GET) --- returns the status (a numerical code) for a given job.
    The following statuses are currently implemented:
    • -1 (Unknown) - a configuration file for the given job_id has not been found on the server
    • 0 (Scheduled) - the configuration file is present and the job is waiting for execution
    • 1 (Running) - the job is currently running
    • 2 (Finished) - the job is finished and its output files are ready for delivery through ./get_result/ requests


// Get latest LIMES, dev branch
$ git clone && cd LIMES && git checkout dev 
// Assembly
$ mvn clean package shade:shade -Dmaven.test.skip=true
$ cd limes-core/target
// Run LIMES as HTTP server on port 8080
// You can also run it on port 80 for example by adding -p 80 flag
$ java -jar limes-core-LATEST_RELEASE_VERSION_NUMBER.jar -s
// Get output
15:05:46.078 [main] INFO  org.aksw.limes.core.controller.SimpleServer:44 - Attempting to start LIMES server at port 8080...
15:05:46.088 [main] INFO  org.aksw.limes.core.controller.SimpleServer:56 - Server has been started! Waiting for requests...
// Open new terminal
$ cd PATH_TO_LIMES/LIMES/limes-core/target
// Download example XML mapping
$ wget
// Run mapping against endpoint and get job id
$ curl --form "fileupload=@lgd-lgd-optional-properties.xml" http://localhost:8080/execute
// Observe the status
$ curl http://localhost:8080/get_status?job_id=46839272943
// Get result file
$ curl http://localhost:8080/get_result/?job_id=46839272943&result_type=acceptance
<>      <>      1.0
<>      <>       0.9283311463354712
<>      <>      1.0
<>       <>       1.0

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